Tucker Blasts Authoritarian Corona-lockdowns In Australia; Urges Resistance

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The Fox News host on his show Monday, also called out the hypocrisy of liberal elites like United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who push dictatorial coronavirus lockdown measures while not obeying the rules themselves.

Tucker Carlson said in part:

Once again, officials in California have been caught on camera exposing their own contempt for their own public health measures. Video has emerged from a Democratic fundraiser on Sunday morning in Napa Valley, just north of San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi was there. She’s got an estate nearby. So were other Democratic officials, as well as the party’s biggest donors, who paid $30,000 a ticket to be there. The first thing you notice about the group, other than how strikingly non-diverse it is, is that none of them are wearing masks. They’re breathing all the fresh air they want, like it’s 2019. The only people there in masks are their servants — faceless brown serfs, scurrying back and forth to bring them things. Nothing worse than having the help breathe on you. But that’s not a problem for Nancy Pelosi.

The Fox News host also addressed the authoritarian measures implemented by liberal leaders in New Zealand and Australia.

He said in part

Consider New Zealand, a famously placid outpost in the fast-shrinking Anglosphere. A single COVID case on the island -- not a death from covid, but a case of covid -- has shut down the entire country. New Zealanders have been told they are no longer allowed to talk to their neighbors.

Don’t talk to your neighbors—stay in your bubble! That’s New Zealand. But it’s freer than Australia.

In Australia, the government has implemented total lockdowns nationwide, and imposed martial law to enforce them. What’s the justification for this? Here are the numbers: From mid-July to last week, the entire country of Australia -- a population of 25 million -- has averaged about 1.5 COVID deaths per day. That has been enough to justify the end of Australia and totalitarianism. In one recent case, authorities executed rescue dogs — shot them to death — to prevent Australian dog lovers from traveling to adopt them. Leaving your home is not allowed, so they just killed the dogs. And the population put up with it. They were told they had to.

Nightly news in Australia now looks like a science fiction film. One recent report described a 27-year-old fugitive. Was he a mass killer? No. He dared to venture outside of his apartment complex. For doing that, the media showed surveillance footage of him entering his elevator and sneezing without covering his face. There was nobody else in the elevator at the time. For that, there's now a nationwide manhunt underway. An arrest warrant has just been issued. We’re not making this up.

And that man isn’t the only person Australian media and police are hunting down. One Australian news outlet just reported, quote, "A tip to Crime Stoppers has blown the lid on a church service at #Blacktown, attended by 60 adults and children. The gathering has been described as selfish and arrogant."

What else is selfish and arrogant in Australia? It's not just going to church or leaving your apartment or trying to adopt a rescue dog. Watching the sunset is also selfish and arrogant[as Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews implied in recent press conference].

Scolded for watching the sunset. Executing rescue dogs. A nationwide manhunt for a guy who sneezed alone in an elevator. No one in Australia is laughing at this. No one is standing back far enough to see the lunacy on display—they’re too far gone.

This has been in the works in Australia for a long time, long before COVID. In 2016, the government of Australia ended almost all legal protections for public protests. At the time, people tolerated it; they trusted in their government. On Saturday, as protesters gathered in Melbourne, the government used its new authority to silence them:

If that were to happen in Tehran, we’d all tug our chins and say, "That’s the mullahs, they’re not like us." But it’s not Iran, it’s not North Korea—it’s Australia. What we thought was a rules-based society.

"What law did I break?" the protester asks. That would have been a good question a few years ago. It's too late now. We're seeing now what happens when countries tolerate authoritarians, even for a moment.

Carlson urged citizens to resist before it is too late. "You can either rebel immediately like San Francisco did in 1918," he said. "Or you can shut up and end up like Australia, and watch them shoot your dogs."

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